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Larry Bagby: Blog

Larry Bagby (my father) 
My dad wrote this to me recently to remind me of the good things in my life as I have had some life up and downs recently.He wrote to remind me of some of the positive  I have done and accomplished. I dont put this on my front page to brag but to remind us all through my dad that we have done good things and sometimes we need to look back at what we have accomplished and rejoice in those things and not dwell in negativity. Remember that Babe Ruth though we know him for his homerun name actually had more strike outs then any baseball player at that time. Elvis Presly got kicked out of the Gran Ole Opry. Lucille Ball was told by an acting teacher she would never succeed in tv and comedy, The Beatles were turned down by every record label out there at the time. So with big success one must have trials and errors. We must take the risk and we will fail and be rejected but every no is one step closer to the yes. We get paid on that yes and if we break it down [...]
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