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Larry Bagby(dad) Reviews Larry Bagby(son)

Posted on August 7, 2010 with 0 comments


Larry Bagby (my father) 

My dad wrote this to me recently to remind me of the good things in my life as I have had some life up and downs recently.He wrote to remind me of some of the positive  I have done and accomplished. I dont put this on my front page to brag but to remind us all through my dad that we have done good things and sometimes we need to look back at what we have accomplished and rejoice in those things and not dwell in negativity. Remember that Babe Ruth though we know him for his homerun name actually had more strike outs then any baseball player at that time. Elvis Presly got kicked out of the Gran Ole Opry. Lucille Ball was told by an acting teacher she would never succeed in tv and comedy, The Beatles were turned down by every record label out there at the time. So with big success one must have trials and errors. We must take the risk and we will fail and be rejected but every no is one step closer to the yes. We get paid on that yes and if we break it down we would have been paid for each no. The big yes pays big and so it worth the 35 nos! That is the static for an average actor to get a job it takes 35 auditions. Do you know how much gas , parking tickets and bad fast food meals that adds up to be?  We all have our struggles and we all fall short of success but its about how we handle it and how we grow in it. I have done alot of things in my life that I am proud of but I still have my days or weakness  like we all do . Lets be happy and smile and remember its just part of life and its not  about how much money we have or how many talents we have its what we do with the money and talents we are giving. Be grateful. My dad wrote this to me to remind me of the things that i sometimes dont see. He found a press revue someone wrote about me and included it. Thanks Dad(Larry Bagby the dad) for recognizing and helping me recognize the good in things. I hope you all know that you are special individuals and you have gifts to bless others with. I hope you continue to develop those gifts and live your dreams. Do something that you have always dreamed about. Take a chance. Whats the worst thing to happen fail and then you try it again and again atleast 35 times before you throw it all away. I have had to do that over and over and over again.You dont hear about all the jobs I dont book or the music I write that just doesnt work....well sometimes you do..

Larry Bagby (my dad) writes...

Hi Bud!( we all call each other buddy or bud for short)


Just wanted you to know that I am very proud of all of the good things you have done in your life...for your good heart and for your loving, caring, compassionate expression to your mom and I and your brother and sisters and to all those friends that surround you! 

I came across a letter you sent me when I was going through the trauma of my toe cancer.  I made you a copy and will give it to you next time I see you. 

I know what it feels like to be matter HURTS!

 ‚Ä®Think back to these moments of triumph and the good feelings that come along with these memories.

I was looking at your resume and sometimes it just takes looking back at your many blessings to realize that when you sit on the top of a mountain, the winds blow hard sometimes and blow often! 

Think back to these moments of triumph and the good feelings that come along with these memories.

Walk the Line, Hocus Pocus, Red carpet for Michael Jackson premiere, Forever Strong, Church Ball, Saints and Soldiers, Danny Glover Dragon movie, ER, Malcom in the Middle, Go and Do video, Dragnet episode, CSI, JAG, Buffy, Married with Children, Saved by the Bell, Airborne, Thirty Something, Mr. Belvedere, Invasion Earth, I'm Telling....Commercials, Homestlye Bake, Best Buy, Red Baron Pizza, Sara Lee , Ziploc, Sears.

And when I think of your musical talents...these words written about you and your future as a star on stage says it all! " The way I personally gauge an experience is whether or not I dream about it after it happens.  And boy, did I dream last night!


There's a rough and tumble handsome man with his True Religions and his black and white acoustic guitar on the stage.  He's crooning a rockin tune that makes your feet move, all on their own. He is owning his stage, there's no standing still for this star, oh no, he is moving up and down the stage and into the crowd engaging them in his ethereal experience.  He is looking into our faces, making each person feel a part of the moment.  

Larry Bagby is here in all his authentic glory.  His has a haunting, earthy voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash himself, and his guitar spills out an alluring melody. He's singing to me, yes me (because that's how he makes you feel, singled out, noticed!)  This is what entertainment is all about...the music, the crowd, the sound,  the artist!"

Yes, bud're indeed blessed!  You have so much talent.  Please don't let some writer or producer or person  take away even a day's worth of your dream.  Appreciate the experience , and move on to bigger and better things.  I indeed see you entertaining thousands and thousands of fans across the world!

Love, Dad(bud 2)