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Larry Bagby: Music

Clouds Disappear

(Larry Bagby)
April 6, 2009
Larry Bagby (grandpa, grandmas)
I wrote this in a hotel room in Toronto Canada after playing Indie Music week. I wasnt in a sad mood and hadnt been thinking about death . It was a happy outlook on what happends to our loved ones when they go away from us on earth. Where do t
sometimes life gives us the short end of the stick,
it takes a left turn when you thought the right turn was the trick
it leaves you hanging like a candle with little wick
but learn to light it up with more then just that store bought bic

you lose the battle but the war your gonna win
you lose a loved one but its not the bitter end

every once in a while when the clouds disappaer you can see straight to heaven, its not far from hear
every once in a while its as if you can hear grandpa calling your name ,.. as if hes right here..
everyo once in a while when some loved ones go gone, they are not far from hear bet they are hearing this song, and you not only feel them but you can hear your choir of past angels singing along

verse 2
im not saying that its fair
and im saying that its sometime feels so very hard to bare..
im not saying that its easy....but im guessing they are doing better then we think though it may sound crazy...

you lose the battle but the war your gonna win.
they gain a loved one on the other side of heaven they see those who passed before they came to earth again..